Friday, September 20, 2013

happy friday! + links i love

Happy Friday, y'all! What do you have planned for the weekend? Tonight we're going out to dinner, and then I've got a super low-key weekend ahead, which is exactly what I'm craving. Wishing you a fantastic, relaxing weekend! Here are some fun links to browse, if you like...

Because we all wanna know: what would Zack Morris do?

Such a happy kitchen!

Jane Austen movies ranked. (#5 is my personal favorite)

Love, love, love this darling wallpaper.

10 best rainy day coats for fall.

Pretty, easy pasta.

A stunning new shop to drool over.

Now you can make Ernest Hemingway's favorite burger.

Chipotle, you win.

This dog and elephant are besties and I LOVE IT.

I'm completely obsessed with Jhumpa Lahiri, and can't wait to read her new novel, out in just a few days.

Plus, some great recipes for your weekend:

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  1. Great links! That wallpaper is too cute for words!

  2. I have a pretty low key weekend ahead of me too. I'm very happy about that!

  3. Those kitchen colors are fabulous! Love it! Also, when it comes to Jane Austen inspired movies... BBC's Pride and Prejudice is absolutely my fav, BUT I haven't actually seen the #5 BBC version of Emma! I'm going to see if I can find it somewhere. Also, have you seen the Youtube series spinoff of Pride and Prejudice? The Lizzie Bennett Diaries. Oh my gracious, those were addicting! And finally, that Chipolte ad... that was pretty intense! And sad.

    1. I haven't seen those! Going to have to look it up. And yes, I also LOVE the BBC P&P. I think the Emma miniseries is on Netflix!

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