Saturday, November 24, 2012

holiday gift guide - for the food lovers in your life


it's that time of year!! here are a few ideas for all types of food lovers in your life...

for those who are building their kitchens:

i love, love, love these mixing bowls.

a great set of kitchen tools.

i use this french oven pretty much every day. (mine is the lovely marseille blue, but all the colors are GORGEOUS.)

nothing makes you want to cook more than a darling apron.

ina's new cookbook is full of simple, delicious recipes.

the ultimate. (a good hand mixer is a terrific, less-pricey option.)

for the cook who loves to entertain:

a perfect set for serving signature drinks.

the prettiest serving platter ever!

soundtrack for a holiday dinner party.

whimsical cocktail napkins that guests will adore.

this chic slate cheese board includes two knives.

such a cute nautical champagne bucket.

for the best baker you know:

the most charming pie dish and rolling pin.

alphabet cookie cutters.

a sweet print for her kitchen.

an inspiring cookbook.

lovely recipe cards in a pretty box.

cake stand that will make treats look like they're straight from a french bakery.

for your foodie friend:

jeni's ice cream holiday collection sounds fab.

a fresh loaf from poilane at their doorstep.

our family swears by this toffee.

the famous apple pie in a bag.

send a friend who's moved far away some local favorites. (i'd send la fogata's salsa.)


hope these ideas have helped you brainstorm for the cooks, bakers, and food lovers in your life! what are your favorite foodie gifts to give and/or receive?!


  1. I'll go and check out the apple pie in a bag...

    1. definitely! it's so interesting the way they bake it in a bag.

      thanks for stopping by :) - all of your blogs are so gorgeous!!

  2. Great list. I have relatives in the States and have been looking for cute/interesting/different gifts. Thanks for helping with my Christmas shopping. Santa might be delivering an apple pie in a bag to them this year.

    1. Glad the list was helpful! Who wouldn't love an apple pie waiting at your doorstep? :)

  3. thanks for the wonderful comments on Sadie + stella about my sunroom today! I can't wait to check out some of these recipes...i'm a horrible cook and i'm hosting xmas at my house this year so i need all the help i can get!!!!!! I'm now your latest follower!

    1. Heather, your room is gorgeous! I love, love, love using lots of color in my home. So glad you posted there so I could find your lovely blog - I'm following you now as well. :)

      That's awesome that you're hosting Christmas at your house this year! I actually have a post coming tomorrow on a perfect dish for dinner guests - it's super simple and insanely delish! Stay tuned!! ;)

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