Friday, November 22, 2013

happy friday! + links i love

Happy Friday, friends! We're officially on break from school(!), and this weekend Miles and I are headed to New Orleans with our families. The boys will be going to the A&M/LSU game on Saturday while us girls enjoy the shopping and beignets. :) What are you up to this weekend? Are you ready for Thanksgiving?!!

Here are some links that caught my attention this week, if you're in the blog-readin' mood!

Speaking of New Orleans, check out this stunning artist.

This news made my teen drama TV loving heart swell.

A great post about the process of learning to cook well, plus a killer recipe.

Loving these pet portraits.

Pie Crust 101.

Once I finish some Christmas presents I'm working on, I want to try to make these darling socks.

A cute (and free!) printable for a Thanksgiving doggie bag.

Been on the hunt for the perfect bar cart for a while... this one from Target might be it.

Absolutely adore this sweet dress.

These beautiful DIY wooden spoons would make an amazing Christmas gift.

My current favorite nail polish.

A fun dessert bar for Thanksgiving dinner.

I love a homemade pizza date.

Plus, some fabulous recipes that are perfect for Thanksgiving!


  1. Love the dress and the hand pies!! Thanks for the highlight! Who doesn't love a dessert bar of any kind! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Those socks are great, and I am loving that shade of nail polish!

  3. Ryan's looking for a bar cart...have to show him that one!

    1. It's my favorite I've found so far... actually my parents have one that I LOVE but I haven't figured out how to steal it from them yet... haha

  4. Hope you are enjoying the break and had fun in New Orleans! I love the very sound of a dessert bar. I need to make that happen one day.

    1. Thanks Monica -- we had a great time! Isn't that dessert bar SO cute and fun?!

  5. Have fun in New Orleans!! I'm back from vacation and have missed your blog :)

    1. Thanks dear -- glad you're back!! :) Excited to hear about your trip!

  6. Seth and Blair?! I love it! :)

    Those pet portraits are absolutely adorable!

    Also, I don't wear much green nail polish, but that color is fabulous! Perfect for the fall/holiday season!

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